Sunset Ferris Wheel: Check!

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Ohhhhh I want a ferris wheel in my backyard!

What fun we had…some peking duck confit tacos (what?) exotic cocktails (and G-Star-rated milktails) at Buddha’s Belly and then a quick jaunt over to le pier for some Sunset Ferris Wheel action.  I might forget to cross this one off the list and do it again.

Thanks and much wind-machine hair to Erin and Antonia for joining us on this spontaneous adventure!


Buddha’s Belly meets The Ferris Wheel – 7/16

Ladies and Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES

It’s go time.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th: it’s a Ferris Wheel kind of day!

Meet us at Buddha’s Belly, near the promenade for some shao bing, a sake sangria or just some lychee sherbet.  There’s even a kid’s menu, too.  We’ll be there from 6pm and plan on landing at the Ferris Wheel by 7:30pm. **Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure you’ve got a place to sit.**

If you want to just swoop by for the ride, meet us at the Ferris Wheel at 7:30pm…Sunset is at 8:06pm…don’t be laaaaaate…

And next up: Brunch at Calamigos Ranch, next Sunday, July 24 at 11am.  Stay tuned!

Love, Sandra

Ways to Join in July…

Join us for these upcoming Ways to Celebrate in July:

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel at Sunset, Saturday, July 16th

Brunch at Calamigos Ranch, Sunday, July 24 ( starring: bottomless Mimosas! )

Griffith Observatory, TBD Friday or Saturday night, July 29 or 30th

PS: Stay tuned for a viewing of the Harry Potter finale at Graumann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood!