Kimberly Crest

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We couldn’t have been more thrilled when we pulled over for gas randomly in Redlands and decided to take Griffin to a park before we got back on the road.  Just imagine being lovers of grand old houses and gardens and stumbling into Kimberly Crest.

And then imagine if, by some stroke of luck, the Executive Director, who as a child used to play in the house while it was still the home of the Kimberlys was giving your tour.  And imagine the only other two people in the tour were an architecture buff and a historian.  We got to see so much more than most people touring the home.  We learned so so (ahem, So) much about the home and what life was like in California from the turn of the century through the 1970’s.

A girl could do worse than to spend a glorious sunny day in a French Chateau style home built in 1897.

And what a lovely, lovely day it was.  Afterwards we shared a yummy if off-topic dinner at Oscar’s Mexican restaurant.  Redlands has a charming downtown and if you’re in the area I would recommend it as a destination.  We’ll be stopping there again!



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