Watts Towers: Check!

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Wow!  Watts Towers invoke and are inspiring to me as Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.  Built on a smaller scale, of course, but built by hand.  Built by one man, Simon “Sam” Rodia, and built without the use of any help, any ladders, any power tools, any blueprints or plans, any engineering or architectural education, any education at all… Sam spent 33 years of his life building these towers.  “Towers,” here, means a space which includes not only multiple towers, but a wedding chapel, three fountains, a beautiful surrounding wall, cactus gardens and Marco Polo’s ship.

Then one day, for no known reason, Sam deeded his property to a neighbor and simply walked away from his finished project.  I am…words fail.  This is simply amazing.  A tribute to creativity, flow, purpose, fortitude, beauty.  One trip does not do it justice.  Especially as we arrived smack in the middle of the 30th Annual Watts Towers Day of the Drum Festival.  Hundreds of people, tents, music, food, art, crafts and instruments from Africa, and no less than seven formidable drum kits on the stage.  It was a day full of joy.

Thanks to Uncle Seany for hangin’ with us Watts style.  And for finding among the wide ocean of food tents, the best chicken wings this side of Dixie.

You’ll find us there again for the Watts Towers Jazz Festival…not to be missed!


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