San Gabriel Mission: Check!

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We enjoyed a lovely {warm} Sunday afternoon with Grandma Joan in Alhambra* at the San Gabriel Mission.  The fourth and largest of the 21 California Missions, San Gabriel claims bragging rights for first orange and tangerine trees planted in all of California, and first grape vines in the area.  The gardens were a bit garbley, but impressive nonetheless, with Mother Grapevine looming large as a mature tree and upholstering a massive arbor spanning the entire length of the church!

Though it was beautiful to hear music and we arrived after the red wedding, we were a little too close to the pink wedding to get a peek inside the church.  And even if we shall someday return (sans balloons) : I promise not to host any more 40 Ways on a late August afternoon in Alhambra, Amen.

*Note: It has come to my attention that the San Gabriel Mission is, in fact, in San Gabriel not Alhambra.  I just love saying Alhambra.  Alhambra, Alhambra, Alhambra.  Plus, I got to say August afternoon in Alhambra, Amen…and you just can’t beat that.  So I refuse to edit. Onward!


Pie N Burger: Check!

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What a day!  A stroll n’ play through the children’s garden at the Huntington with the G-Man followed by some down home Pie n’ Burger.  Burger = American cheese with grilled onions.  Pie = Strawberry with whipped cream.  Total experience = can’t beat it.  Note: they actually hand mix their sodas right at the counter!

Love and thanks to my Mother in Law, Joan, for joining me on this mouth-watering mission.

Sunset Ferris Wheel: Check!

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Ohhhhh I want a ferris wheel in my backyard!

What fun we had…some peking duck confit tacos (what?) exotic cocktails (and G-Star-rated milktails) at Buddha’s Belly and then a quick jaunt over to le pier for some Sunset Ferris Wheel action.  I might forget to cross this one off the list and do it again.

Thanks and much wind-machine hair to Erin and Antonia for joining us on this spontaneous adventure!