Buddha’s Belly meets The Ferris Wheel – 7/16

Ladies and Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES

It’s go time.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th: it’s a Ferris Wheel kind of day!

Meet us at Buddha’s Belly, near the promenade for some shao bing, a sake sangria or just some lychee sherbet.  There’s even a kid’s menu, too.  We’ll be there from 6pm and plan on landing at the Ferris Wheel by 7:30pm. **Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure you’ve got a place to sit.**

If you want to just swoop by for the ride, meet us at the Ferris Wheel at 7:30pm…Sunset is at 8:06pm…don’t be laaaaaate…

And next up: Brunch at Calamigos Ranch, next Sunday, July 24 at 11am.  Stay tuned!

Love, Sandra


3 thoughts on “Buddha’s Belly meets The Ferris Wheel – 7/16

  1. Hey, we might join ya for both dinner and the ferris wheel. We have a b-day party that ends at 5pm, so unless Kaia is totally pooped, count us in! The timing sounds pretty darn perfect, actually!

  2. Very anxious to hear how this went! I’ve never even thought about riding the ferris wheel! Besides your fab company, how was the ride?

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