Calamigos Brunch Postponed: Griffith Observatory up for next week!

Ladies and Gents,

Apologies, but you must wait for your bottomless mimosas under the tall trees and wavy blue expanses of sky in Malibu…or at least, you must wait to share them with this glorious 40-year-old.  Don’t cry.  We’ll post it up again for you soon.

Stay tuned for next weekend’s adventure to Griffith Observatory…it appears that Saturn is on the menu instead of Jupiter, unless you wanna hide in the gift shop with me and sneak back into the big scope after it closes.  I’ll have my Mom en tow as a special guest for this celebration.  Hey, that’s TWO forty year olds for the price of one!

Details soon, Love Sandra



Buddha’s Belly meets The Ferris Wheel – 7/16

Ladies and Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES

It’s go time.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th: it’s a Ferris Wheel kind of day!

Meet us at Buddha’s Belly, near the promenade for some shao bing, a sake sangria or just some lychee sherbet.  There’s even a kid’s menu, too.  We’ll be there from 6pm and plan on landing at the Ferris Wheel by 7:30pm. **Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure you’ve got a place to sit.**

If you want to just swoop by for the ride, meet us at the Ferris Wheel at 7:30pm…Sunset is at 8:06pm…don’t be laaaaaate…

And next up: Brunch at Calamigos Ranch, next Sunday, July 24 at 11am.  Stay tuned!

Love, Sandra

Ways to Join in July…

Join us for these upcoming Ways to Celebrate in July:

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel at Sunset, Saturday, July 16th

Brunch at Calamigos Ranch, Sunday, July 24 ( starring: bottomless Mimosas! )

Griffith Observatory, TBD Friday or Saturday night, July 29 or 30th

PS: Stay tuned for a viewing of the Harry Potter finale at Graumann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood!

One Birthday Dinner Down…& Only Thirty-Nine Adventures To Go!

Birthday Dinner with the Farmers

40 years worth of love and thanks to Kirsten and Richard for coming out to celebrate with us on my birthday night.  We had yummy conversation and wine, along with some of the fattest steaks I’ve ever seen.  Pacific Dining Car: you’re no joke!

Heard table-side: sneak peaks of the next chapters on deck for each of us and a glimpse of beautiful hearts of fire.

Sweet G-Star spent his first long evening with a babysitter (other than Grandma)…I swear I only looked at my phone surreptitiously under the table twice.

Birthday dinner = mad success.  Big, Juicy, Medium-Rare Love, Sandra